Synopsis : Mains Marathon Answers – UPSC Mains Current Affairs Questions – September 6

upsc mains marathon questions answers


1. Do you think that India is able to link its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) efforts with its global ambitions? Discuss.(GS 3)

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  • In the introduction you can narrate in detail the importance of sustainable development goals in the current simplex content in world scenario.
  • In the first half you can elaborate on the measures taken by India successfully linking the two.The measures taken are:-
    • More focus on renewable energy by leadership role  in  International solar alliance formation – a step towards UNSC permanent membership.
    • Issues in WTO regarding good stockholding- gaining support from global south.
    • To become economic power what sustainable goals India is working on like skill development ,make in India etc.
    • To address gender parity and equity goal of SDG measures are being taken.Mention them.
    • Goal of connectivity and reducing inequalities addressed  via some international projects like BBIN,BCIM road.
    • Ratifying various international protocols and conventions keeping in mind the sustainable development goals.
    • Bring reforms in urban cities .
    • Role of NITI Aayog.
  • However some concerns still remain like :-
    • The reports of the working of the SDG show India is lacking in many areas like poverty,education ,health etc without which it cannot reach its global ambitions.
    • Jobless growth and underemployment on rise.
    • Lack of financials sources for critical areas like education, health etc.
    • Lack of water efficiency and water crisis.
  • Suggest some measures on how India can sustain its SDG efforts to realise global ambitions like :-
    • More emphasis on gaining global leadership in important organisations.
    • Measures needed in multiple fields like education,health,eradicating poverty and malnutrition,skill development etc can be elaborated further.

2. Discuss the impact of floods and other natural disasters on India’s GDP.  (GS 1)

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  • In the introduction you can elaborate on how floods and natural disasters are rising over the years and some facts showing the data.
  • In the impact you need to emphasise on how bad is the impact from multiple dimensions like the economic,environmental  etc.Some of the points that need emphasis are :-
    • Loss of life,property and human resources.
    • Fertile land inundation.
    • Destruction of infrastructure.
    • Financial resources needed adequately which could have otherwise been spent on social infrastructure.
    • Loss of human capital
    • Purchasing capacity sinks
    • Epidemic outbreaks
  • Has the  the impact reduced from before or not like
    • Relative economic damage has reduced down than before
    • Now public utilities are more affected rather than crops which was the phenomenon earlier
    • States overestimate damages to gain relief funds from centre as well.
  • In the conclusion mention some ways to be taken so that impact can be reduced like increased monitoring and flow of information ,use of technology,urban planning,strong focus on preventive  a and early warning systems etc

3. Discuss the role of women in the freedom struggle especially during the Gandhian phase. (GS 1)

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  • In the introduction you can generally give a overview of the role played by women in the freedom struggle as a whole by mentioning some important women personalities like Rani Lakshmi bai,Annie Besant,Sarojini Naidu etc.
  • You can emphasise on social,economic,political and other dimensions in your answer.Some aspects that need emphasis are:-
  • Political:-Home rule movement,political organisation formed in India and abroad and their impact
  • Social-How women leaders tried to reduce gender discrimination,promote girl education,widow remarraiges,protesting against child marriages  etc.
  • Revolutionary leaders- role of women in Chittagong uprising,Hindustan socialist republic association  etc.
  • Tribal women leaders especially Rani Gaidinilu
  • Role in developing communication and role in media
  • In the conclusion you can summarise the points already written.

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