Tibet gets first bullet train, links Lhasa to India border

What is the news?   China has started operating the first bullet train line in Tibet, connecting the provincial capital Lhasa with Nyingchi – a strategically located Tibetan border town close to Arunachal Pradesh.   Lhasa-Nyingchi rail line   Train link would connect the capital city of the Tibet Autonomous Region to the border city of Nyingchi with a travel time of three and a half hours.  … Continue reading Tibet gets first bullet train, links Lhasa to India border

Chakma and Hajong Communities

News:The Rights and Risks Analysis Group has sought Indian Prime Minister’s intervention in ensuring food for the Chakma and Hajong communities in Arunachal Pradesh. Facts: Chakmas are predominantly Buddhists while Hajongs are Hindus.They were originally the residents of the Chittagong Hill Tracts of East Pakistan(Bangladesh). However, they had to flee to India when their land… Continue reading Chakma and Hajong Communities

New snake species found in Arunachal

News:Recently,researchers from Arunachal Pradesh have discovered a new species of non-venomous burrowing snake named Trachischium apteii. Facts: About the new species: The species Trachischium apteii was found under fallen logs inside a thickly forested area of the Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh. It belongs to a group of fossorial snakes that live mostly… Continue reading New snake species found in Arunachal

Defence Minister inaugurates Sisseri River Bridge in Arunachal Pradesh

News:Defence Minister has inaugurated the Sisseri River Bridge at Lower Dibang Valley in Arunachal Pradesh. Facts: About Sisseri River Bridge: Sisseri River Bridge is a 200-metre long bridge between Jonai Pasighat Ranaghat Roing road. The river bridge provides better connectivity between Siang and Dibang Valley.It was constructed under Project Brahmank of Border Roads Organisation (BRO). … Continue reading Defence Minister inaugurates Sisseri River Bridge in Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang festival-Arunachal Pradesh

News:Recently, Tawang Festival has been celebrated in Arunachal Pradesh. Facts: About Tawang Festival: Tawang Festival is an annual festival of Arunachal Pradesh. It celebrates states rich cultural heritage and includes attractions like Buddhist religious functions, indigenous sports, traditional dances among others. The festival starts with the religious tradition known as Sebang which is the process… Continue reading Tawang festival-Arunachal Pradesh

Microhyla eos

News:Scientists have discovered a new discovered species of frog named Microhyla eos from Arunachal Pradesh. Facts: About Microhyla: Microhyla are a group of narrow-mouthed frogs (subfamily Microhylinae) that is primarily and widely distributed in Asia.  They are commonly known as ‘Rice Frogs’ or ‘Chorus Frogs’, the genus currently comprises of 49 recognised species. About the… Continue reading Microhyla eos

India’s eastern-most village

News:Indian Air Force has inaugurated a resurfaced runway in Vijaynagar,in Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh. Facts: About Vijayanagar: Vijayanagar is the eastern-most inhabited village of the country. It is surrounded by Myanmar on three sides and the fourth side comprises stretches of Namdapha National Park. Namdapha National Park: Namdapha National Park is a large protected… Continue reading India’s eastern-most village

Cabinet nod to 2,880MW hydel project in Dibang

Union Cabinet has approved the Dibang Multipurpose Project (MPP) in Arunachal Pradesh. Dibang Multipurpose Project is envisaged as a storage-based hydro-electric project with flood moderation as the key objective. The construction of project shall prevent the sizeable downstream area from floods. This is the largest ever hydro-electric projects to be constructed in India. The dam… Continue reading Cabinet nod to 2,880MW hydel project in Dibang

Central Govt to set up three CoE in Sports at Itanagar in AP

Union Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports has informed that central government is going to set-up three Sports Centre of Excellence in Itanagar,Arunachal Pradesh. The three centre of excellence will be for (a)Martial Arts (b)Weight Lifting and (c)Boxing.These centres will have a capacity of 300 sportspersons with residential facility. The minister has also… Continue reading Central Govt to set up three CoE in Sports at Itanagar in AP