Does the economy need more people?

Source: This post is based on the article “Does the economy need more people?” published in Business Standard on 1st September 2021. Relevance: Technological advancement and its impact on Demography. Synopsis: In the age of technological disruptions and climate change, the case for a young and fast-growing population driving India’s economy is growing weaker. Is… Continue reading Does the economy need more people?

The big opportunity

Source: The Hindu Relevance: This article explains the advantages of the rising young population. Synopsis: A rising youth population in India can provide many benefits to India. Introduction: According to various international studies, the median age in India would be 28 years by 2022-23, in contrast to 37 in China and 45 in Western Europe.… Continue reading The big opportunity

India enters 37-year period of demographic dividend

According to studies, India has entered a 37 year period of demographic dividend since 2018. The period of demographic dividend will last till 2055. This has been created as India’s working-age population (people between 15 and 64 years of age) has grown larger than the dependant population (children aged 14 or below plus people above… Continue reading India enters 37-year period of demographic dividend