Hyderabad Floods

Source: The Hindu Context: Recent Hyderabad Flood has resulted in the death of over 20 people and a property loss estimated more than ₹6,000 crores. More on News: Devastating Floods in the past: In India: Chennai (December 2015), Kochi (August 2018), Mumbai July 2005 Around the world: Sydney (December 2018), New York (October 2019), Hurricane… Continue reading Hyderabad Floods

Hyderabad urban flooding

Source- The Hindu Syllabus- GS 3- Disaster and disaster management. Context- Ineffective and unplanned hydra-geology of cities and town of India are more responsible for Hyderabad Urban Flooding than monsoon. What is urban flooding? Urban flooding is the inundation of land or property in a built environment, particularly in more densely populated areas, caused by rainfall overwhelming… Continue reading Hyderabad urban flooding