New eel species discovered in Mumbai well

What is the news? A new species of swamp eel belonging to the genus Rakthamicthys that is endemic to India was discovered in a well in Mumbai. It was named Rakthamichthys Mumba – the Mumbai blind eel. This is the fifth species from the genus to be described from India. Also, this is the first… Continue reading New eel species discovered in Mumbai well

Pangio bhujia

News:Researchers from Kerala have discovered a new species of eel-loach named ‘Pangio bhujia’ in Kozhikode district of state. Facts: About Pangio Bhujia: The species has been named ‘Pangio bhujia’ due to its resemblance to the North Indian snack, bhujia.It belongs to genus Pangio. Pangio Bhujia is a unique species of miniature well-dwelling subterranean fish.  It… Continue reading Pangio bhujia