EU, India and the Indo Pacific

Synopsis: India does not figure prominently in the EU’s Indo-Pacific strategy. The Chinese challenge might change that. Introduction Recently, the “EU strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific” document has been released. It appears to be over-determined by China’s expansionism. However, there is a need to analyze it in the context of the rapprochement between the… Continue reading EU, India and the Indo Pacific

A ‘Taiwan flashpoint’ in the Indo-Pacific

Synopsis: The historic rival claims of territory and independence by China and Taiwan is seeing a new turn with the US questioning the One China policy.  Introduction  Recently the “One China policy” of the People’s Republic of China has been challenged by the USA, though it still stands with a one-China policy.  In 1979, the USA recognized… Continue reading A ‘Taiwan flashpoint’ in the Indo-Pacific

EU unveils Indo-Pacific strategy

What is the News? The European Union has released a new Indo-Pacific strategy for boosting economic, political and defence ties in the Indo-Pacific. Why an EU Strategy for the Indo-Pacific? The Indo-Pacific region is increasingly becoming strategically important for the EU. The EU is already the top investor, the leading development cooperation partner and one… Continue reading EU unveils Indo-Pacific strategy