Indo-Pacific and India | 7th Nov. 2020

Although, the term Indo-Pacific has been used previously as well, “Indo-Pacific” is a fairly recent addition to the geopolitical lexicon. For almost a century, the term Asia-Pacific region was used for constructing policies and strategies of the west. This has changed in the second decade of the 21st century. India’s concept of the Indo-Pacific region stretches… Continue reading Indo-Pacific and India | 7th Nov. 2020

Foreign policy changes in Joe Biden’s administration

Context: Expected foreign policy changes that Joe Biden will bring to India-U.S. relations if he wins the presidential elections. What are the changes expected? On Afghan policy: In September 2009, Joseph Biden who was the then vice president of Obama’s administration was tasked with building an alternative plan to Afghanistan, to present to U.S. Generals who… Continue reading Foreign policy changes in Joe Biden’s administration

The Indo-Pacific journey

The Rise of the Indo-Pacific Context: The Indo-Pacific region is crucial in Indian foreign policy. Where do we geographically place the Indo-Pacific? India has used ‘indo-pacific’ in joint statements with a series of partner countries, including the United States, Australia, France, Indonesia, Japan, and of course the United Kingdom. The Ministry has recently set up an Indo-Pacific Division… Continue reading The Indo-Pacific journey

China occupied Kashmir

 Forgotten fact of China Occupied Kashmir Context- The history of china occupied Kashmir and the significance of Sino-Pakistan agreement of 1963. What is China’s dual politics in Kashmir? In August 2019, following the dilution of Article 370 and removal of special status for Jammu and Kashmir, China said it was “seriously concerned about the current… Continue reading China occupied Kashmir

Mission Sagar 2

News: Indian Naval Ship Airavat has arrived in Sudan with food aid as part of Mission Sagar-2. Facts: Mission Sagar: It was launched by the Indian government to provide assistance to friendly foreign countries to overcome natural calamities and the coronavirus pandemic. Mission Sagar-I: It was undertaken in May-June 2020, wherein India reached out to… Continue reading Mission Sagar 2

Shift in india’s foreign policy

shifting trajectory of India’s foreign policy Context- The significance of 3rd India-USA 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue and the shifting trajectory of India foreign policy. What are the key highlights of 3rd India-US 2+2 dialogue? 1)The USA reiterated its support to India in defending its territorial sovereignty in the background of the ongoing stand-off between India-China. It… Continue reading Shift in india’s foreign policy