Recognising Gandhi the philosopher

Synopsis: Philosophical dimensions of Gandhi are often ignored. It is time to pay attention to his ethics-led philosophical way of life. Introduction Often, Gandhi is portrayed as a political leader. His philosophical contributions are often ignored. But much like Buddha of the Nikayas and the Socrates of Plato’s early dialogues, he is an ethical philosopher.… Continue reading Recognising Gandhi the philosopher

On August 15, 1947, where was Bapu?

Source: The Hindu  Synopsis: Mahatma Gandhi was working for the welfare and unity of the nation on 15th August 1947. He enlightened the new leaders about their humongous responsibility towards the nation and appealed to the masses for sustaining the trust between Hindus and Muslims. Background: On the midnight of Independence Day, the nation was… Continue reading On August 15, 1947, where was Bapu?