Citizen scorecards for better accountability

Synopsis: The CAG’s auditing standards highlight the importance of performance audits for promoting transparency and evaluating outcomes. Introduction Soon, Parliament is going to celebrate 100 years of establishment of the Public Account Committee in December. What is the Public accounts Committee (PAC)? It was set up in 1921 under the Montagu-Chelmsford reforms to conduct audits… Continue reading Citizen scorecards for better accountability

Parliament is abdicating its oversight role

Source: The Hindu, TOI Relevance: The article signifies how the frequent disruptions lead to improper functioning of the house The recent session of Parliament: This session has ended abruptly, and before its scheduled date. This is the 4th straight session that ended ahead of its original schedule, other than the cancelled winter 2020 session. This led… Continue reading Parliament is abdicating its oversight role

Setting new house rules

Source: Indian Express  Synopsis: The legislative body’s role must be strengthened and deepened so that disruption of proceedings ceases to be an option. Background: Disruption is replacing discussion as the foundation of our legislative functioning. In this regard, the government is considering curtailing the monsoon session of Parliament.  All sessions since last year have been… Continue reading Setting new house rules