In pursuit of Happiness

Synopsis: The great degree of unhappiness in Indian society has a lot to do with the way the law and its institutions operate. Introduction The article talks about Happiness as an important factor to measure the quality of governance. Until the beginning of the publication of the United Nations World Happiness Report in 2012, happiness was not… Continue reading In pursuit of Happiness

World Happiness Report 2020

News:The United Nations has released the World Happiness Report 2020. Facts: About the report: The World Happiness Report is an annual report originally launched in 2012. It is released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations on March 20, the UN’s annual International Day of Happiness. The report ranks 156 countries on… Continue reading World Happiness Report 2020

Finland is the happiest nation, India slips 7 spots, ranks 140th

India has been ranked at 140th on the United Nations World Happiness Report 2019 that ranked 156 countries.It is a decline of seven spots from 133rd in the last year’s report. Finland topped the list for the second consecutive year,followed by Denmark and Norway.South Sudan was ranked at the bottom of the index.Meanwhile, India’s neighbours… Continue reading Finland is the happiest nation, India slips 7 spots, ranks 140th