‘Xinjiang surveillance app targets lawful behavior’

According to a Human Rights Watch report, Chinese authorities have been using a mobile app for mass surveillance to profile, investigate and detain Muslims in Xinjiang by labelling completely lawful behaviour as suspicious. This has put the Muslims in the region at risk of being penalised or sent to re-education camps. Human Rights Watch had… Continue reading ‘Xinjiang surveillance app targets lawful behavior’

China is using AI to profile Uighur Muslims

The Chinese government has been allegedly using a system of facial recognition cameras to track Uighur Muslim minority. According to experts, it is the first known example of a government intentionally using artificial intelligence for racial profiling The facial recognition system has been integrated into surveillance cameras. They look exclusively for Uighurs based on their… Continue reading China is using AI to profile Uighur Muslims

‘Xinjiang camps for jobs, education’

Chinese official has rejected allegations of internment camps in Xinjiang region. The response comes in the backdrop of estimates cited by a UN panel. The UN panel has reported that nearly one million Uighurs are being held in detention centres in Xinjiang. Xinjiang is an administrative region in north-western China. The region borders eight countries… Continue reading ‘Xinjiang camps for jobs, education’