Talent, recognition – on awards to scientists

Source– The post is based on the article “Talent, recognition” published in The Hindu on 29th September 2022.

Syllabus: GS3- Science and Technology

Relevance– Importance of awards

News– The article explains the rationale behind central government’s proposed move to have a re look at awards, prizes and fellowships. It also explains the issues faced by scientific researchers if it is implemented.

The Union Home Ministry has been given this task to have a re look.

What is the rationale behind reducing the number of awards to scientists?

It is in accordance with PM’s vision regarding “Transformation of the Awards Ecosystem”.

Central government had modified the system of the Padma awards.

It ensures that ordinary people doing selfless work get the opportunity to get awards rather than well-known personalities who are repeatedly given these awards.

The government wants a transparent selection process.

What are the issues with the proposed move?

It is easy to set benchmarks in the field of sports and gallantry awards. But it is not the case with scientific research. It involves subjectivity.

It is possible to train talented youth to be Olympians or international cricketers but impossible to create an Einstein or a Chandrasekhar.

It is not easy to recognise early carrier potential. There is a lot of subjectivity involved. Fewer awards could increase discontent. Many talented youths can miss the opportunity to get awards.

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