Taliban captures “Dahla dam” in Afghanistan

What is the News?

Taliban has captured Afghanistan’s second-biggest dam named Dahla Dam.

About Dahla Dam:
  • Firstly, Dahla dam is also known as Arghandab Dam. It is located in the Kandahar Province in Afghanistan.
  • Secondly, the dam was built by the United States nearly 70 years ago (1952).
  • Thirdly, the dam is built on the Arghandab River. It provides irrigation to farmers via a network of canals as well as drinking water for the provincial capital.
Dams built by India in Afghanistan:
  • Shahtoot Dam: It is a proposed dam to be built by India in the Kabul river basin in Afghanistan.
  • Salma Dam: It is a dam located on the Hari River in Herat Province in Afghanistan. Since this dam is constructed by the Government of India, the Afghan cabinet has renamed the Salma Dam as the Afghan-India Friendship Dam.

Source: The Hindu


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