Tamil Nadu notifies India’s first slender loris sanctuary

Source: The post is based on the article “Tamil Nadu notifies India’s first slender loris sanctuary” published in The Hindu on 13th October 2022.

What is the News?

In a first in the country, the Tamil Nadu government has notified the Kaduvur slender loris sanctuary. The sanctuary will cover 11,806 hectares in Karur and Dindigul districts.

What is the need for Kaduvur slender loris sanctuary?

The survival of the species depends on habitat improvement, conservation and mitigation of threats. There is great demand for keeping slender loris as pets. So, they are illegally smuggled.

Habitat loss, electrocution of live wires and road accidents are other threats that have caused its populations to destabilise. So, there is a need for immediate conservation of Slender loris species.

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About the Slender loris

Slender lorises are small nocturnal mammals. They are arboreal as they spend most of their life on trees.

Conservation status

IUCN red list: Endangered species

CITES: Appendix II

Wildlife (Protection) Act of India, 1972: Schedule I

The species acts as a biological predator of pests in agricultural crops and benefits farmers.

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