Telangana’s Tandur red gram gets GI tag

Source: The post is based on the article Telangana’s Tandur red gram gets GI tag published in The Hindu on 18th December 2022

What is the News?

The Tandur red gram of Telangana has got geographical indication (GI) tag. With this, the total number of GI registrations in the country has reached 432.

What is Tandur Red Gram?

Tandur red gram is a local variety of pigeon pea which is mainly grown in the rainfed tract of the Tandur and nearby region of Telangana. 

Suitable Habitat: The specific quality traits of Tandur Red Gram has been attributed to the fertile deep black soil with huge deposits of Attapulgite clay mineral specifically in Tandur region along with huge limestone deposits.

Significance: It contains about 22-24% protein, which is almost three times that of the protein content in cereals. 

– It has good taste, better cooking quality as well as enhanced storage quality.

Benefit of GI Tag: Now with the GI tag and registration, individual farmers and dal mill owners of Tandur will have to register themselves as authorized users and start branding Tandur red gram with GI tag to get better prices as the tag is an assured symbol of quality.

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