Tenure of “Commission for Sub-categorisation of OBCs” extended

What is the News?
The tenure of the Commission to examine the Sub-categorisation of Other Backward Classes(OBCs) is extended. The commission now has until July 31 to submit its report. The commission is headed by Justice G Rohini.

What is Sub-Categorisation of OBCs?

  • Reservation among OBCs: OBCs are granted 27% reservation in jobs and education under the central government. However, only a few affluent communities of OBCs secure a major part of quota.
  • Sub-categorisation of the OBCs means the creation of categories within OBCs for reservation. This will ensure equitable distribution of representation among all OBC communities.

Commission to examine Sub-Categorisation:

The Commission to Examine Sub-categorisation of OBCs was appointed in 2017. It is headed by Justice G Rohini. The terms of reference of the commission include:

  • To examine the extent of inequitable distribution of benefits of reservation among the castes or communities of OBCs.
  • To frame the criteria and parameters in a scientific approach for sub-categorization within such OBCs;
  • To audit the various entries in the Central List of OBCs and recommend corrections.

What are the commission’s findings so far?

  • In 2018, the Commission analyzed the data of 1.3 lakh central jobs given under OBC quota over the preceding five years.
  • Findings: The key findings were:
    • 97% of all jobs and educational seats have gone to just 25% of all sub-castes classified as OBCs;
    • 95% of jobs and seats have gone to just 10 OBC communities;
    • 983 OBC communities — 37% of the total — have zero representation in jobs and educational institutions;
    • 994 OBC sub-castes have a total representation of only 2.68% in recruitment and admissions.

Source: Indian Express

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