The Black Browed Babbler

About Black Browed Babbler: Black Browed Babbler is a songbird species in the family of Pellorneidae.
The Black Browed BabblerConservation Status:

  • IUCN Red List: Data Deficient. IUCN says that the global population size of the bird has not been quantified. Generally, the species is described as possibly extinct.


Habitat: The natural habitat of M. perspicillata is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, at altitudes of 200–1,170 m (660–3,840 ft). Its rediscovery in 2020 made it clear that the bird is from southeast Borneo.


  • They vary in size and coloration.
  • These birds have strong legs, and many are quite terrestrial.
  • This group is not strongly migratory, and most species have short rounded wings and are weak flyers.
  • The upper parts of the bird are rich brown while the underparts up to the breast are greyish with fine white streaking.
  • The bird has a broad black eye stripe and the iris is found to be deep red. The legs are dark slate-grey.
  • They are social birds that are usually found in family groups and small flocks of up to about 20 birds.

Food Habits: They are omnivores and mainly feed on meat, plant material, and/or berries.

Significance: The bird is known for the longest known missing period (170 years) for any Asian species. It is also often called ‘the biggest enigma in Indonesian ornithology’.

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