The coalition of the world

Source– The post is based on the article “The coalition of the world” published in The Hindu on 10th October 2022.

Syllabus: GS2- International Relations

Relevance– Global governance

News- The article explains the challenges faced by the UN-led multilateral framework. It explains the guiding framework for future multilateral engagement.

What are challenges to the UN led multilateral framework?

While addressing the United Nations General Assembly The Secretary General said that the world is in big trouble. We need to create mechanisms of dialogue to heal divides.

Multilateralism is under challenge by its proponent, the USA. The dispute settlement mechanism of WTO is dysfunctional due to lack of quorum. G7 countries have not fulfilled their promise of providing 100 billion dollar every year to fight climate change.

China is developing alternate institutions for multilateral cooperation. Belt and Road initiative is one such institution. It covers half of world population, one-third of GDP and has investment of $930 billion.

There is a deep divide between the Atlantic powers and Russia-China combine.

What should be the guiding framework?

In a multipolar world, there is a need for new rules and principles that are focused upon human well-being.

There is a need for bid ideas. We should move away from multilateral focus on global rules, amount of aid and IPR inviolability.

“Vasudhaiva kutumbakam” or ‘world as one family’, can be the core of a set of universal principles for a dialogue between the states.

There is a need for redefining ‘common concerns’ in terms of felt needs of the majority rather than interests and concerns of the powerful.

We need a global consensus around equitable sustainable development.

India’s Presidency of the Group of 20, UNSC in 2022, and the SCO in 2023 presents a historic opportunity to guide the future framework.

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