The fraying framework

Source– The post is based on the article “The fraying framework” published in The Indian Express on 6th October 2022.

Syllabus: GS2- Polity

Relevance– Global politics

News- The article explains the founding framework for different political systems around the world and the crisis of legitimacy faced by these frameworks.

What is happening around the world?

There are extraordinary protests by women in Iran.

In China, state repressions are increasing to sustain the Communist Party Congress. Anxieties over the quality of liberal democracy are growing.

There is a looming political crisis in South Africa.

These developments suggest that we might be in the midst of a global legitimation crisis.

What are the foundational frameworks of political organisation across the world?

In the Western world and other countries like India, there is some version of liberal, representative constitutional democracy.

In Islamic world, it is modern Islamic constitutionalism. It reconciles the sovereignty of God with modern principles of politics.

In Africa, politics was shaped by the requirements of effective bulwark against the creation of the colour line and imperialism.

In China, Politics was shaped by the system of one-party rule.

These founding frameworks are embedded in different national traditions.

They are initial references to any political question.

What is the case with the Chinese framework?

Party would overcome the principal contradictions of society. All social mediation was to be carried out within the Party. The Party also represents a national identity as a whole.

Challenges– It will have to manage the principal economic contradictions. It will also require more control and repression to retain its grip on power.

What is the case with Islamic constitutionalism?

Theo-democracy was shaped by Maududi, one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century. It was to reconcile formal sovereignty of God, with modern democracy, and a theological role for clerics.

challenges– The insistence on patriarchy is bound to face resistance. Its inability to handle the contradictions that come from an allegiance to blasphemy can produce conflict.

What is the case with liberal democracies?

There was no single party. The parties were organised around interests. Social stability could be secured by orderly competition and rotation of power. It provided individual liberty and less state coercion.

Challenges– In most democracies, including the US, we can no longer be as confident about peaceful transitions of power. There is impatience with individual liberty. These democracies are being controlled by oligarchies.

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