The Myristica swamp tree frog

The Myristica swamp tree frog

About the Species: The scientific name of Myristica swamp tree frog is Mercurana myristicapalustris

Habitat: It is a rare arboreal species endemic to the Western Ghats.


  • These are arboreal species that spend the majority of their lives in trees. ex. squirrels, monkeys, etc.

Breeding Behavior:

  • These frogs are rare and elusive for the reason that they are arboreal and active only for a few weeks during their breeding season.
  • The males vocalise in groups from the low perches in the swamps. They exhibit unique breeding behavior.
  • The breeding season, unlike for other frogs, starts in the pre-monsoons season (May) and ends before the monsoon becomes fully active in June.
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