The organising principle of lynch mobs: 

The organising principle of lynch mobs


  • Recent years has seen a growing trend of “mob lynching” in every corner of the country. The reason for the same being various at various points of time.

Present day context:

  • The larger picture of the majority class is to cast a shadow of fear and trepidation over entire regions, and to put minorities and the so-called lower castes to their ways.
  •  The county is set back a hundred years when neighbors turn on neighbors.
  • With social media at its peak, matters are worse, because people video-record the torture of their neighbors in the name of cow-protection and make it go viral.
  • Literally, the one right that enables us to possess and exercise other rights is the right to life granted by Article 21 of the Fundamental Rights Chapter of the Constitution.
  • But for 23 years, the court did not interpret the right to life as a principle of natural justice, but as a fragile right that could be taken away by arbitrary legislation.
  •  The recent spate of attacks on Indian citizens, the lynching and slaughter, can be rightfully termed as deliberate assaults on personal liberty and the right to life.
  • The police personals doesn’t really make an effort to dig into the scenario for the elected ministers of State governments defend actions that maim and murder on flimsy and unsubstantiated grounds, such as transportation of cattle or lynching.


  • These atrocity results in splitting up of the political community in India and the disillusion of solidarity.
  •  There’s spatial segregation between the majority and minority groups as the latter seek shelter.
  • And throughout the whole affair, mindless violence seems to be part of a larger project of the extreme right.
  •  The massive communal brutality is an expression of loss of confidence in elected leaderships and a mass no-confidence motion.


  • Perpetrators of violence must be punished, aspirant wrongdoers must be deterred, and civil liberties must be restored.
  • The citizens of the democratic country need to deepen protests, because lynching and murders are not random or isolated incidents.
  • Residential exclusion narrows the cultural and political horizons of communities, closes off options, pre-empts creative mingling of perspectives and prevents solidarity.
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