The Paralympic paradox

Source: This post is based on the article “The Paralympic paradox” published in the Business Standard on 1st September 2021.

Relevance: Paralympics empowering disabled people.

Synopsis: Indians with disabilities need more attention.


Indian athletes have given their best performance in Paralympics 2021. It gives a platform for disabled people to perform and shine. But, at the same time, it shows the embarrassing truth about Indian society that neglect disabled people.

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India has been participating in the Paralympics since 1988, but their coverage has been rarely featured in India in any significant way. Rarely, people knew about their achievements. It is time that we understand the issues faced by disabled people and work on them.

What are the government’s efforts to improve Paralympic athletes performance?

Khelo India Scheme: The government introduced this scheme in 2017. Three sports bodies were recognized under this, including a Paralympic Committee of India. Its aim is to provide differently-abled sportspeople access to more special facilities and coaching centres.

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TOP (Target Olympic Podium) Scheme: The scheme offers support for high potential para-athletes.

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What will be the impact of Private Sector Cooperation?

Greater interest from the private sector, which has been the driving factor behind the commercial success of sporting events.

There is positive momentum in this direction, as automobile makers have now decided to design special vehicles for two of the medal winners.

Apart from that, Toyota also signed a sponsorship with the Worldwide Paralympic Partner.

How should we start?

A government report recently pointed that only half of the disabled people in India have a disability certificate, effectively depriving the other half of all the government benefits. A good first step would be ensuring the issuance of disability certificates to all.

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