The police we need

Source: The Hindu

Relevance: To understand the demands of the contemporary police system.

Synopsis: As society and polity are in transition, there is an urgent need to bring transformative changes in police management to meet contemporary needs.

What citizens aspire from police
  1. To treat all the individuals equally irrespective of their financial status—rich or poor
  2. To receive the services that they are entitled to – without paying any bribes. However, most people are not able to access these basic services.
  3. Given the prevalence of IT, the police are expected to be tech-savvy.
  4. The police should have good conduct, empathy, and be responsive.
Personnel management

It is important to manage the police personal.

  • There is a need to appoint brilliant & straightforward officials to the public positions.
  • Nepotism or postings and positions based on linkages and contacts cannot be allowed.
  • Supreme Court (SC) mandate of the process of selection of DGP is the right step in this direction. The state government should now make the appointment of three names approved by UPSC.
Way Forward

India needs officers who are responsive, honest & hard-working, and not who instil fear amongst people.

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