The terrorisms we overlook: 

The terrorisms we overlook

Terrorism puts freedom at a stake


  • It is high time for the country to address the terror and violence which eradicates the basic freedom of the public.


  • Over the past few years, the country faces incidents of lynching of the minority groups.
  • There also have been incidents where Indians have been physically attacked by rampaging mobs accusing them of storing beef or transporting cows for slaughter.
  • Finally, after a massive protest, the Prime Minister of the county made an announcement that Individuals had no right to kill in the name of ‘gau bhakti’.
  • The response to that of lynching it is expected of government to protect citizens from assault by fascist forces and the Prime Minister should mobilize the government machinery to do so.
  • It is clear that the civil administration code in India sufficiently empowers the district-governing authority to deal with the situations related to mob lynching.


  • The country in association with terrorism, indirectly in the case of the mob lynching or directly in the case of extortion, is not compatible with freedom.
  • India needs to have vigilant governance in order to protect freedom of the common mass.
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