“Tileswari Barua” – possibly the youngest martyr of India got recognised by PM

What is the News?

The Prime Minister went the historic martyr town of Dhekiajuli in Assam and recognised the freedom fighters of that town. The town was associated with the Quit India Movement of 1942. During his visit, the PM also laid the foundation stone for two medical colleges and launched a road and highway project.


Dhekiajuli’s connection to the Quit India movement:

  • Dhekiajuli was home to possibly the youngest martyr of the Indian freedom struggle, (Tileswari Barua).

Sequence of Events:

  • On September 20,1942, as part of the Quit India movement, parades of freedom fighters marched to various police stations across several towns in Assam.
  • These squads were known as ‘Mrityu Bahini’ or death squads. The Mrityu Bahini had wide participation including women and children. They went to unfurl the tricolour on the top of police stations, as police stations were seen as the symbols of colonial power.
  • However, British administration came down heavily on them and open fired them. Due to which at least 15 people were shot dead in Dhekiajuli including the 12-year-old girl Tileswari Barua. This made Tileswari Barua possibly the youngest martyr of the freedom movement.

Impact of this incident :

  • This incident led to an increase in women’s participation in the Freedom Struggle. Several important women icons were Kanaklata Barua, Pushpalata Das, Tileswari Baru among others.
  • They not only started picketing but were also leading the ‘death squads’, presiding over meetings among others.

Source: Indian Express

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