Today @ 5 PM | Live Discussion of All India CSAT Simulator Mock Test

Dear Friends,


Thanks for being a part of All India Prelims 2023 Simulator mock test conducted by ForumIAS on 21st May 2023.


We hope that you have checked the All India Rank-list of All India Simulator Mock Test. If not checked yet, click on following link:


Today at 5 PM we are conducting the Live Discussion of CSAT Simulator mock test. This session aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the questions and answers, helping them prepare effectively for the UPSC CSE 2023 Prelims.


To watch the live streaming today at 5 PM, kindly visit below mentioned link:


To stay updated with All India Prelims 2023 Simulator mock test latest information, please keep following the official noticeboard by clicking below mentioned link:


If you need any assistance, please write us an email to or call us at 9311740400.


Your Team @ ForumIAS

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