Social and Digital media regulations in India | 24th November

Issue of Digital/Social media regulations in India In the backdrop of the increasing popularity of online platforms (OTT, Social Media Etc.) in India and world over in the recent times, many efforts are being made to regulate the content being posted on them. The latest attempt in this row has been made by the Kerala… Continue reading Social and Digital media regulations in India | 24th November

A digital sisterhood

Context: Social media helps the independent woman find and forge new solidarities. The rise of social media is a result of loopholes in the traditional society. Discuss these loopholes. Globalisation: Globalisation and the resulting rush of ideas across the world d meant that we are no longer connected only to our physical tribes. This has also meant… Continue reading A digital sisterhood

importance of freedom of press in india

What is the importance of the freedom of the press? Context: The arrest of television anchor and editor-in-chief of Republic Television Arnab Goswami for alleged abetment to suicide. Why the arrest is seen as political vendetta? First, the editor-in-chief of Republic Television, Arnab Goswami was very critical of the Maharashtra state government on several issues… Continue reading importance of freedom of press in india

Social Media and hate speech

Social Media & hate speech Impact of social media: Social media spreads messages way faster than other forms of mass media. Nearly 60,000 posts are shared on Facebook in just one second across the globe. Nearly 8,00,000 messages are sent in just one second across WhatsApp. Almost 70,000 searches are made on Google in just one second. How social… Continue reading Social Media and hate speech

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Issue of Hate speech in India

In News- Sudarshan TV case will have several implications for the regulation of free speech. What is hate speech?  The term hate speech is understood as any kind of communication in speech, writing or behaviour that attacks or uses pejorative or discriminatory language with reference to a person or a group on the basis their collective identity, be it race,… Continue reading Issue of Hate speech in India