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MOTIVATION & STRATEGY : IFS Rank 57 Vivek who broke his arm ( but not his spirit ) before IFoS Mains.

“Sir, we need to meet. I have a problem that we need to discuss. I am your student.” About a week before the IFoS Mains, Vivek dropped by, with a broken arm, looking for a scribe that would appear for the Mains for him. Embarrassed, he asked – Sir, will UPSC even allow a scribe?Read Full Article

“Result is a process, not a product, says Arushi Mishra, IFoS Topper, IIT Roorkee Girl, First Attempt

The result is a process, not a product. Today I am standing on the podium but yesterday I was there sitting in the audience. Whenever we see a Topper, we see the result, not the struggle that has gone behind it. A lot of mindset has taken to reach here. There is no substitute toRead Full Article

Video: ForumIAS Meet 2018 | Watch Anudeep, Anu, Sachin, Neha, and other successful students of CSE 2017

Dear Friends, The Meet got over last Sunday. Watch the video below

Abhishek Surana Rank 10 GS Strategy and Copies Abhishek Surana Rank 10 GS Strategy and Copies

CSE GS-1 Strategy GS1 usually takes most times of aspirant as subjects like History and Culture are highly time consuming but not really rewarding. I would suggest you to not devote much time to these topics as either the questions would be so easy that everyone would be able to write something meaningful or soRead Full Article


Hello everybody. My name is Lavanya Gupta. I have secured AIR 298 in Civil Services 2017. This was my last attempt (6th) and hence all the more nerve wrecking. I managed to write Mains for the first time only in my 3rd attempt, which again was very disappointing as I could not finish my papers.Read Full Article