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Rank 5 : Pratham Kaushik : How I prepared Current Affairs for CSE 2018 – Thank You Note

Dear Friends, Pratham was a classroom student of ForumIAS. He has secured Rank 5 in the Civil Services Examination. Watch the below testimonial coming from him. P.S. More than 59+* students from our Current Affairs + Answer Writing Classes have secured Rank in the Civil Services Examination. *Ranks till 500 are only counted

IAS Rank 1 Anudeep Durishetty  : Download GS Mains Papers + Essay Answer Copies IAS Rank 1 Anudeep Durishetty : Download GS Mains Papers + Essay Answer Copies

Dear Friends, We are happy to release the MGP Copies of our student Anudeep, who has secured Rank 1 in the Civil Services Examination 2017. It has been am amazingly satisfying year for us this year , as we were able to address specific problem areas in answer writing. We were able to do this,Read Full Article

The Difficulty of waking up after Civil Services Examination Final Results

At this ungodly hour, when I write this at 4AM,  so that you can read it before you rise – or goto bed – I see a lot of people awake -some of them are awake because they failed to meet their life goals with the CSE results coming in last night – and someRead Full Article

The Morning ( and Days ) after Mains Results – For Both Have’s and Have Not’s

by Neyawn and riseoftitan I met Himanshu a few years ago. He was remarkable when I met him, back then. Most aspirants – color their life in black and white – Getting Selected means success, everything else means failure. This categorization becomes rigid especially after every result. But Himanshu was different. When he thought heRead Full Article

Strategy : IFoS Interview Preparation by Abhishek Surana, IFoS Rank 2

by Abhishek Surana , IFoS Rank 2, IAS Rank 250, ForumIAS Offline Student and Now Officer First of all, hearty congratulations to all of you who have cleared the IFoS Mains Examination.  This time UPSC has broken all records by declaring the results in 21 days. About 301 candidates have been called for, from whichRead Full Article