Topper’s Strategy: How to prepare and Clear UPSC IAS Mains General Studies Papers?

1. [Strategy] GS 3 (119 marks) detailed Strategy by Sumit Rai, ForumIAS Student, IAS Rank 54 [Click Here]

2. [Strategy] Abhishek Surana Rank 10 GS Strategy and Copies [Click Here]

3. [Strategy] IAS Rank 63: GS Paper 2 Answer Writing + Source Strategy by Tanai Sultania [Click Here]

4. [Strategy] IAS Topper Rank 160 Dinesh Gurav, ForumIAS Test Series Student, Detailed Strategy and Booklist for General Studies Prelims and Mains [ Click Here]

5. [Strategy] UPSC IAS Topper, Rank 7, CSE-2016, ForumIAS Follower Anand Vardhan, 470 marks in GS Mains, Prelims & Mains Strategy and Booklist [Click Here]

6. [Strategy] GENERAL STUDIES STRATEGY: ForumIAS Follower Sipu Giri, Rank 175, Tips on Answer Writing Practice [Click Here]

7. [Strategy] GS Mains and Prelims Strategy by Rajarshi Raj Varma, AIR 120 (CSE 2016) [Click Here]

8. [Strategy] General Studies Strategy by IAS Rank 63, TANAI SULTANIA, CSE 2016 [Click Here]

9. [Strategy] First Attempt : IAS Rank 43: 413 Marks in General Studies, Harsh shares his GS Strategy [Click Here]

10. [Strategy] The inspiring story of Suharsha Bhagat – 5th Attempt and 5th Rank [Click Here]

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