Topper’s Strategy: How to Prepare for UPSC IAS Mains Optional Papers?

1. [Strategy] Zoology Optional + Download Notes : Kajal Jawla,Rank 28, CSE 2018 [Click Here]

2. [Strategy | Pol Science] Vibhor Aggarwal IAS Rank 71 Detailed Political Science Strategy | ForumIAS Offline GS Student [Click Here]


4. [Strategy] GEOGRAPHY OPTIONAL | PRATHAM KAUSHIK (AIR 5, CSE 2017) 327 MARKS [Click Here]

5. [Strategy] How I increased my Geography Optional Marks from 214 to 295 Marks? UPSC IAS Topper Rank-72 Abhishek Chourasiya, Strategy and Booklist for Geography Optional (295 Marks), Tips on Answer Writing [Part 2] [Click Here]

6. [Strategy Sociology Optional] (289 Marks) and Booklist : UPSC IAS Topper Saurabh Dixit (AIR 162 / CSE 2016) First Attempt without coaching, Unconventional Approach [Part 4] [Click Here]

7. [Strategy] Delhi Boy Gaurav Kapoor, ForumIAS Test Series student, Rank 190, Geography Optional, Third Attempt, General Studies & Geography Optional Strategy and Booklist [Click Here]

8. [Strategy] Geography Optional Paper-II (Marks 152) Strategy & Answer Writing Tips: UPSC IAS Topper Soumyadip Bhattacharya, AIR-147 [Click Here]

9. [Strategy] Political Science Optional Strategy: Anand Vardhan, Rank 7, 302 Marks in Political Science, Switched to Political Science Optional in 4th attempt [Click Here]

10. [Strategy] Psychology Optional Strategy: ForumIAS User Sipu Giri, Rank 175, Psychology Marks 273, Download Notes [Click Here]

11. [Strategy] Detailed Economics Optional Strategy and Booklist: Namami Bansal, Rank 17, ForumIAS Follower, Journey from Rishikesh to Mussoorie [Click Here]

12. [Strategy] Detailed Geography Optional Strategy (Marks 290) and Notes by Prajit Nair, IAS Rank 87 [Click Here]

13. [Strategy] IAS Rank 213 : Akhil Mahajan , Jammu Boy, 4rth Attempt, Geography Optional Strategy [Click Here]

14. [Strategy] Rank 49 – IFoS Topper From ForumIAS Vipul Pandey’s Success Story [Click Here]

15. [Strategy] IAS RANK 145: Preeti Yadav, 3rd Attempt, Public Administration Optional [Click Here]

16. [Strategy] IAS RANK 38: Abhimanyu Gahlaut, 1st Attempt, Economics Optional [Click Here]

17. [Strategy] IAS RANK 36: Abhinav Goel, 3rd Attempt, Public Administration Optional [Click Here]

18. [Strategy] IAS RANK 107: Nikhil Pathak, 1st attempt, Sociology Optional [Click Here]

19. [Strategy] IAS RANK 156: Saurabh Kumar Agrawal, 3rd Attempt, Geography Optional [Click Here]

20. [Strategy] IAS RANK 198: Shilpi, 2nd Attempt, Mathematics Optional [Click Here]

21. [Strategy] RANK 275: Vikas Jakhar, 3rd Attempt, History Optional [Click Here]

22. [Strategy] RANK 60: Atul Vats, 1st Attempt, Sociology Optional, Detailed GS and Optional Strategy [Click Here]

23. [Strategy] RANK 91: Rakesh Kumar Minhas , 2nd Attempt, Medical Science Optional [Click Here]

24. [Strategy] Rank 46 – IFS Topper Avinash Kumar Strategy to CRACK IFS with Forestry and Geology + Links to Sources [Click Here]

25. [Strategy] Rank 12 – IFoS Topper Neha Srivastava’s Success Story [Click Here]

26. [Strategy] AIR 58: Bhavesh Mishra : Mathematics Strategy [Click Here]

27. [Strategy] Sanskriti Jain IAS Rank 11, Strategy, Journey, Sample Notes And Model Answers – Philosophy Optional [Click Here]

28. [Strategy] Ethics & Public Administration Strategy by Prabhat Malik AIR 68 [Click Here]

29. [Strategy] IAS AIR 299 : Parth Jaiswal – Mathematics Optional Preparation Strategy [Click Here]

30. [Strategy] Booklist & Strategy for Preparing Electrical Engineering – by Rank 9 Ashish Kumar [Click Here]

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