Turtle survival rides on handmade towel in Assam

News:Recently,multipurpose Assamese gamosa which is a white cotton towel, has been assigned a function of conservation of Assam freshwater turtles.


About Assamese Gamosa:

  • The Assamese Gamusa is generally a white rectangular piece of cloth with primarily a red border on three sides and red woven motifs on the fourth.
  • It is valued as a gift for visitors, used as a scarf, anti-dust mask and wrapped around the head as a turban.
  • Conservationists are now banking on this cultural icon to carry forward the message of turtle conservation with gamosa woven with turtle images.

About Assam Roofed Turtle:

  • The Assam roofed turtle (Pangshura sylhetensis) also known as Sylhet roofed turtle is a species of the turtle family Geoemydidae.
  • The species is primarily found in Bangladesh, Assam(India) and possibly in Bhutan. 
  • It is found in terrestrial and freshwater habitats in areas with upland tropical moist forest, and fast-flowing streams and perhaps also small rivers.
  • It is listed as Endangered in the IUCN red list.Further, it has been listed on Schedule – I of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act,1972.
  • The species is exploited for its (a)meat and eggs for local consumption and may also enter the pet trade (b)Habitat destruction by logging and (c)incidental capture in fishing gear.
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