U.K. EU reach post-Brexit trade deal

Synopsis: Britain and the European Union have struck a free-trade deal as a Post-Brexit trade deal to ensure Britain and the 27-nation bloc can continue to trade in goods without tariffs or quotas .  


  • Brexit: It is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community. 

Key Features of the Post-Brexit trade deal: 

  • Trade in Goods: The agreement ensures that most goods traded between the EU and U.K. won’t face new tariffs or quotas. 
    • Quotas mean limits on the number of things that can be traded.
  • Level Playing Field: The deal commits both sides to upholding their environmental, social, labor and tax transparency standards to make sure they don’t undercut each other. The British say the deal doesn’t include a ratchet mechanism that would force it to stiffen its rule in lockstep with the EU. 
  • Customs: Both sides pledge to limit customs red tape, including through programs for trusted traders known as authorized economic operators (AEOs have benefits including fewer controls). 
  • Dispute Settlement: Disputes on the deal must be negotiated between the EU and the U.K. with no role for the EU courts. 
  • Professional Services: There will no longer be automatic mutual recognition of professional qualifications like engineers, doctors etc. They will have to seek the recognition in the country they are practising. 
  • Mobility – freedom of movement: UK nationals no longer have the freedom to work, study, start a business or live in the EU. Visas will be required for stays over 90 days. 
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