Expectations from U.S-China Alaska meet

Synopsis: The world leaders are looking at the U.S-China Alaska meet as a starting point to restore normalcy between the two countries. Moreover, their relationship reached has its lowest level since the Nixon era. It is primarily due to rising assertiveness and mistrust between the countries. 

  • Recently, the US held meetings with South Korea and Japan, followed by the QUAD summit. The outcomes included a commitment for an American pushback to China and the maintenance of a free Indo-Pacific. 
  • So now, the country is now focusing on improving its relationship with China by conducting a meeting of foreign ministers in Alaska, U.S. 
  • The relationship between the two had declined during the Trump era. This decline was the result of trade tariffs, tech espionage, Chinese maritime actions, U.S. sanctions on China, and other issues.
Expectations from U.S-China Alaska Meet
  • Firstly, the US will discuss critical issues like:
    • China’s crackdown in Xinjiang and Hong Kong 
    • Chinese aggression against U.S. allies and partners including
      • Pressure on Australia over trade bans 
      • Aggression against Japan in the Senkaku islands
      • Chinese intrusion in India along LAC
  • Secondly, China would be focusing on reversing trump era policies that include:
    • Removal of US trade sanctions and visa bans
    • Removal of restrictions on American firms manufacturing in China
    • Reopening of its consulate in Houston, U.S
  • Finally, a future meeting of country heads can also be scheduled. 
Significance of U.S-China Alaska meet:
  • The expectation of any major breakthrough from the meeting is very low. However, the occurrence of the meeting itself showcases a will to resolve differences in the future.
  • Secondly, the cooperation could end the Cold War between the two which can help tackle global issues like Climate Change and COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Lastly, the U.S.-China tariff war could cost the world $600 billion as per World Economic Forum’s estimate. The collaboration can ensure a swift global economic recovery.

The meeting could help in resolving the Afghanistan puzzle by encouraging proactive communication among the Troika (U.S, China, Russia) in future.

Source: The Hindu 

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