U.S Energy Secretary to visit India 

U.S Energy Secretary to visit India 


U.S. Energy Secretary’s visit to India is scheduled in February

Energy trade with US

  • Energy trade had prominently featured in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first meeting with President Donald Trump in June 2017
  • India had placed a series of orders for American crude in the following months.
  • Barack Obama administration had allowed the export of American crude after a break of 40 years
  • The Trump administration has removed regulations that had restricted oil and coal production, leading to a ramping up of fossil fuels production in the last year.
  • Indian public and private sector companies have invested approximately $5 billion in shale assets in the U.S
  • Natural gas imports from the U.S are also on the rise

Why has the Civil Nuclear Deal become redundant?

  • Change in market conditions
  • Introduction of new technologies
  • Emphasis on trade in fossil fuels under Trump administration

Importance of India-US Energy Trade:

It is an important area to focus on to reduce the trade imbalance between

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