Ukraine Crisis and India: On Kyiv, Sit On The Fence

News: India decided not to comment anything on the Ukraine issue in the Quad foreign ministers’ meeting held in Melbourne, Australia.

What is Russia’s stand on Ukraine?

Russia repeatedly asserts that it seeks recognition that Ukraine will not be accepted as a NATO member. While the USA insists that Russia is going to invade Ukraine. The recently issued Russia-China joint statement suggests that the alliance of Eurasian powers is here to stay. Russia seeks to build its alliance with China to weaken the USA now.

What is India’s stand on the Ukraine crisis?

While abstain voting from UNSC on the Ukraine issue, India advised parties to find a solution considering the security interests of all countries and aimed towards securing long term peace and stability in the region.

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But, the ongoing Ukraine crisis has led to experts talking about India’s neutral stance on US and Russia tension.

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How do the experts’ view the neutral stand of India?

Some international scholars believe that India cannot hold on to this neutral stand for long. This is incorrect as many successive governments in India, from Jawaharlal Nehru’s to Narendra Modi’s, have repeatedly asserted India’s right to adopt an independent stand based on its national interests without aligning itself with any particular military bloc unless this was necessitated by national interest.

From the 1962 war or the 1971 war or on other occasions, the Indian position has been defined by national interest. India’s independent voice in international affairs is a manifestation of its national self-image

What policy is adopted by India?

According to Foreign Affairs Minister, India is working on the principle of the policy of multi-alignment, depending on context and issue at stake. India’s national interest and national security are linked to maintaining her strategic autonomy, especially in an East-West conflict.

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Source: This source is based on the article “On Kyiv, Sit On The Fence” published in the Times of India on 14th February 2022.

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