Ukraine’s situation, India’s national interest

News: Russian president announced military action in Ukraine to protect Russians from genocide and for de-Nazification and demilitarization of Ukraine.

Why Russian belief is not correct?

Allegations of Nazism can’t be held against Ukraine as there is no evidence of genocide and the Ukrainian president himself is a Jew. Thus, this allegation stems from the ideology that Russia thinks Ukraine has no right to exist.

Also, Putin is trying to revive Czarist Russia and not the Soviet Union. This would involve making Belarus and Ukraine satellite states. But this narrative is now being challenged in Ukraine with the revival of Ukrainian nationalism.

How did the world countries react to Russia’s attack on Ukraine?

Germany, which earlier was friendly with Russia, has now come out with a strong response and five-pronged strategies. It involves military solidarity with Ukraine, punitive measures against Putin’s Russia, commitment to European collective defense through NATO, German rearmament, and a reduction in Germany’s energy and economic interdependence with Russia.

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Many other European countries also closed their airspace to Russia. Countries are isolating Russia on multiple fronts, including football, which is a sacred ritual in Europe. Some European countries have started to help Ukraine by supplying arms and offering significant economic and humanitarian assistance. The EU also plans to buy $550 million worth of arms for Ukraine.

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What does the BRICS Delhi Resolution say?

New Delhi BRICS Declaration commits to resolve all disputes by peaceful means and is opposed to unilateral use of force against any state. Members also oppose the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.

But with the Russian attack on Ukraine, BRICS is losing its credibility.

What should India do in the present scenario?

India should suggest Russia to withdraw its armed forces from the entire Ukraine according to the Delhi Resolution of BRICS. If Russia is not paying attention to India’s suggestion, then India should announce its consideration of the U.S. proposed Draft Resolution in the UN General Assembly. It should adopt any reasonable amendments proposed by the UNGA.

India should also urge the United States to re-structure the objectives of Quad, outline a clear strategy to achieve the objectives, and mobilize the resources required.

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