UK’s Electronic Travel Authorisation Scheme

What is the News?

The United Kingdom(UK) has announced plans for a fully digital border with the launch of Electronic Travel Authorisation Scheme.

About Electronic Travel Authorisation(ETA) Scheme:
  • The scheme is similar to the U.S.-style electronic travel authorization. It will pre-check the travellers coming to the U.K.
  • Under this, visitors without a visa or immigration status have to apply for an electronic permit. They have to do it before coming to the UK.
  • Among those who would need the Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) would be people arriving for short holidays or changing flights in the UK.
  • However, people who wish to stay in the country for a long period of time – for example over six months – would need to obtain a visa rather than an ETA.
Significance of this new scheme:
  • The system would allow automated and early security checks. It will stop foreign criminals from arriving in the country, with applicants only allowed to travel once they have been cleared.
  • The scheme will also make it easier for the officials to count the numbers coming into the country.

Source: The Hindu


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