Underwater Scientific study to determine the age of “Ram Setu”

What is the news?

Indian scientists will undertake an underwater scientific study. The study aims to determine the age of the chain of corals and sediments forming the Ram Setu.


Ram Sethu is a 48-km long bridge-like structure between India and Sri Lanka. It is also known as Adam’s bridge. The Ramayana mentions the bridge but there is little scientific knowledge about its formation.

About the under-water study Project:

    • The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Goa will conduct the project.
    • Objective: The project will help determine the age of the Ramayana period. Apart from that the project also focuses on the process behind the formation of Ram Setu. Likewise, the project also reveals any pre-existing submerged habitations around Ram Setu.
    • Duration: It will be a three-year project
    • Technique: The age of the sediments will be determined primarily using Carbon dating techniques.
    • Vessel: NIO’s(National Institute of Oceanography) vessel Sindhu Sadhana will be deployed for the project. The vessel will collect core samples at greater depths and perform bathymetry studies

(Bathymetry is the study of the “beds” or “floors” of water bodies, including the ocean, rivers, streams, and lakes).

    • Planned tests: The study will conduct two planned tests namely:
      1. Side-scan SONAR: This test will provide bathymetry which is similar to studying the topography of a structure on land.  Soundwave signals will be sent to the structure for this test. The sound waves will provide an outline of the physical structure of the Ram Setu.
      2. Silo seismic survey: Mild earthquake-like tremor shocks will be sent at shallow depths closer to the Ram Setu structure. These shocks are the energized shockwaves capable of penetrating into the structure. The relevant instruments will capture the reflected or refracted signals. Based on the reflected signals one can get a clear image on subsurface structure.
    • Significance of the project: Most importantly, Scientists believes underwater exploration studies can have the possibility to trace numerous ship wreckages and remains from the past.

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Source: Indian Express

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