Union Education Minister Launches NEAT 3.0 And AICTE Prescribed Technical Books

What is the News?

The Union Education Minister has launched National Educational Alliance for Technology(NEAT 3.0) and AICTE-prescribed technical books in regional languages. 

What is NEAT?

The National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT) is a Public-Private Partnership model between the Government (through its implementing agency AICTE) and the Education Technology companies of India. 

It is an initiative to provide the use of best-developed technological solutions in the education sector to enhance the employability of the youth on a single platform for learners’ convenience. 

These solutions use Artificial Intelligence for a personalized and customized learning experience for better learning outcomes and skill development in the niche areas. 

AICTE, Ministry of Education(MoE) is acting as the facilitator in the process. The ministry will also ensure that the solutions are freely available to a large number of socially and economically backward students. 

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What is NEAT 3.0?

It is a single platform to provide the best-developed ed-tech solutions and courses to students of the country.

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Why did the AICTE prescribe technical books in regional languages?

It was launched as India’s strength lies in its diverse languages, and harnessing them is a key for building an innovative society.

Moreover, education in regional languages will further help in developing critical thinking capacity and enable our youth to become global citizens.

Source: This post is based on the article ‘Union Education Minister Launches NEAT 3.0 And AICTE Prescribed Technical Books’ published in PIB on 4th Jan 2022.

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