Union Minister For Labour & Employment Participates in World Of Work Summit In Geneva

What is the News?

The Union Minister For Labour & Employment has participated in a High-Level Panel discussion under the World of Work Summit.

What is the World of Work Summit?

Organized by: International Labour Organization(ILO)

The summit was organized on the sidelines of the International Labour Conference.


To discuss the multiple challenges that the world of work is facing; such as worsening inequalities, demographic realities, unequal technological progress, informality, and climate change.

To discuss the actions that should be taken by the countries and the international communities to tackle these challenges

To achieve the goal of human-centered, resilient, and sustainable recovery.

Theme: “Tackling multiple global crises: promoting human-centered recovery and resilience”.

What is the International Labour Conference?

The International Labour Conference is the ILO’s highest decision-making body. It is often called the International Parliament of Labour.

It meets once a year in June in Geneva, Switzerland.

Participation: The conference brings together governments, workers, and employers delegates of the ILO member States.

Mandate: The broad policies of the ILO are set by the Conference. It also establishes and adopts international labour standards and is a forum for discussion of key social and labour questions. It also adopts the Organization’s budget and elects the Governing Body.

Source: The post is based on the articleUnion Minister For Labour & Employment Participates in World Of Work Summit In Genevapublished in PIB on 10th June 2022.

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