Union Minister inaugurated ‘herSTART’, a platform to encourage women entrepreneurs

Source: The post is based on the article Union Minister inaugurated ‘herSTART’, a platform to encourage women entrepreneurspublished in PIB on 17th March 2023

What is the News?

The Union Minister of Science & Technology has informed about the recently launched “herSTART” platform.

What is herSTART Platform?

herSTART is an initiative of Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council(GUSEC).

Purpose: It is a platform introduced to promote women StartUps and to encourage women entrepreneurs. 

Key Features: The platform will support women entrepreneurs in helping their innovative ideas take off.

– The platform will include a digital platform to provide resources and training modules free of cost to aspiring women entrepreneurs, a digital community for them and a digital publication to spread their success stories.

– The platform also encompasses the herSTART Incubator, a dedicated full-fledged startup incubator for women entrepreneurs and innovators and the herSTART Accelerator, a round-the-year accelerator programme for high-impact women-led startups.

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