Union Minister launches ‘BHARAT TAP’ initiative at Plumbex India Exhibition

What is the News?

The Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs has launched the BHARAT TAP initiative and Nirmal Jal Prayas Initiative at the ‘Plumbex India’ exhibition. This exhibition is aimed at products and services related to the plumbing, water and sanitation industry.  

What is BHARAT TAP Initiative?

Aim: To provide low-flow, sanitary ware at scale and thereby reduce water consumption at source considerably.

Benefits: It is estimated to save approximately 40% of water. This will in turn result in water saving and energy saving due to less water and energy will be required for pumping, transporting, and purification.

Significance: This initiative will also be accepted quickly in the country and will lead to a renewed focus on water conservation efforts.

What is Nirmal Jal Prayas Initiative?

It is an initiative of NAREDCO-MAHI.

Aim: To map groundwater as it is very important to save underground water.

Target: The initiative will work to save around 500 crore litres of water per year.

What is NARDECO?

National Real Estate Development Council(NAREDCO) was established as an autonomous self-regulatory body in 1998 under the aegis of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

Purpose: It is an apex body at the national level representing all spheres of stakeholders engaged in various aspects of real estate development. 


NAREDCO has established NAREDCO-MAHI Women’s Wing in 2021 for empowering women entrepreneurs and encouraging participation of women in the real estate sector and allied fields.

Source: The post is based on the article Union Minister launches ‘BHARAT TAP’ initiative at Plumbex India Exhibition published in PIB on 12th May 2022.

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