Union Minister launches MSME Competitive (LEAN) Scheme under MSME Champions Scheme

Source: The post is based on the article Union Minister launches MSME Competitive (LEAN) Scheme under MSME Champions Scheme” published in PIB on 11th March 2023.

What is the News?

The Union Minister for MSME has launched the MSME Competitive(LEAN) Scheme.

What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing is a production process based on an ideology of maximizing productivity while simultaneously minimizing waste within a manufacturing operation. The lean principle sees waste as anything that doesn’t add value that the customers are willing to pay for.

The benefits of lean manufacturing include reduced lead times and operating costs and improved product quality.

What is the MSME Competitive(LEAN) Scheme?

The scheme is an extensive drive to create awareness amongst MSMEs about LEAN Manufacturing practices and motivate and incentivize them to attain LEAN levels while also encouraging them to become MSME Champions.

Under the scheme, MSMEs will implement LEAN manufacturing tools like 5S, Kaizen, KANBAN, visual workplace, and Poka Yoka under the able guidance of trained and competent LEAN consultants to attain LEAN levels like basic, intermediate and advanced.

Incentives under the scheme: Government will contribute 90% of implementation cost for handholding and consultancy fees.

– There will be an additional contribution of 5% for the MSMEs which are part of SFURTI clusters, owned by women/SC/ST and located in the Northeast Region(NER).

Significance: With the help of the scheme, MSMEs can reduce wastage substantially, increase productivity, improve quality, work safely, expand their markets, and finally become competitive and profitable.

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