Union Minister launches Unified Portal www.upag.gov.in for Agricultural Statistics

Source: The post is based on the article Union Minister launches Unified Portal www.upag.gov.in for Agricultural Statistics”  published in PIB on 15th September 2023

What is the News?

Member of NITI Aayog has officially launched Unified Portal for Agricultural Statistics(UPAg Portal).

What is UPAg Portal?

UPAg stands for Unified Portal for Agricultural Statistics (UPAg).

Purpose: It is an advanced agricultural data management platform designed to generate crop estimates and integrate with other systems generating Agriculture Statistics such as Price, Trade, Procurement, Stock etc. 

– The portal serves as a centralized hub for near real time information on crop production, market trends, pricing, and other vital agricultural data. 

Developed by: Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.

Key Features of the portal:

– Data Standardization: The portal standardizes data on prices, production, area, yield, and trade, making it accessible in one location, eliminating the need to compile data from multiple sources.

– Data Analysis: UPAg Portal will perform advanced analytics, offering insights such as production trends, trade correlations, and consumption patterns, aiding policymakers in making informed decisions.

– Granular Production Estimates: The portal will generate granular production estimates with increased frequency, enhancing the government’s ability to respond to agricultural crises swiftly.

– Commodity Profile Reports: Commodity profile reports will be produced using algorithms, minimizing subjectivity and providing users with comprehensive insights.

– Plug and Play: Users will have the flexibility to use the portal’s data to prepare their own reports, promoting data-driven decision-making.

What are the key issues addressed by UPAg Portal?

Lack of Standardized Data: Currently, agricultural data is scattered across various sources and often presented in different formats and units.UPAg Portal aims to consolidate this data into a standardized format, making it easily accessible and understandable for users.

Lack of Verified Data: Reliable data is crucial for accurate policy decisions.UPAg Portal ensures that data from sources like Agmarknet is vetted and updated in a timely manner, providing policymakers with accurate information on agricultural prices.

Dispersed Data: To form a comprehensive view of any crop, multiple variables need to be considered, including production, trade, and prices.UPAg Portal brings together data from various sources, providing a holistic assessment of agricultural commodities.

Different Frequency Variables: Data updates at different times, causing delays and inefficiencies. UPAg Portal offers real-time connectivity with data sources, reducing the time and effort required for monitoring and analysis.

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