Unseen for decades, rare butterflies re-emerge

Unseen for decades, rare butterflies re-emerge

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  1. Nature enthusiasts have recently spotted rare Black wind-mill butterfly in Dibang Valley in the Lower Dibang District, Arunachal Pradesh which was unseen for decades.

Important facts:

  1. This butterfly has its mention only in two books: Lepidoptera Indica (1913) by Fredric Moore and The Fauna of British India (1939) by George Talbot
  2. Another butterfly species, the Siren butterfly was spotted in 2012 at the Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary, Himachal Pradesh. This butterfly was spotted for the first time since 1917.
  3. To ensure protection from butterfly collectors, the precise location of the black wind-mill butterfly has not been disclosed.
  4. Collecting of butterflies for sale as dead specimens has emerged as a challenge in Himalayas and North-East India
  5. Both black wind and siren butterflies are listed under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act (1972)
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