UPSC Civil Services 2022 Exam- Official Cut Off for Prelims, Mains and Final Selection

UPSC Civil Services 2022 Exam Official Cut Off has been released just after the final result of the exam. Almost every candidate tries to know the cut-off through the topper’s marks and social media. Therefore, to clear the air, UPSC releases the official cut-off containing the minimum marks required by a candidate to move to the next stage of the exam and get a rank.

There is no drastic change in the cut-off marks when compared to the year 2021.

In 2021, for the general category last year, the cutoff was 87.54 for prelims, 745 for mains, and 953 for final selection.

In 2020, for the general category last year, the cutoff was 92.51 for prelims, 736 for mains, and 944 for final selection.

Marks are shown separately for each category of the candidate as per the reservation criterion.

Following are the cut-off marks for the UPSC Civil Services 2022 Exam: 

CategoryCSE PrelimsCSE MainsCSE Final

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