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UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2021 study material

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Prelims 2021 is just 3 months away. It is the right time to kickstart your UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2021 Preparation

We are happy to announce our one-stop solution, for all your UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2021 study material requirements.

On this page, if you scroll down,  you will find topic-wise syllabus, Subject-wise PYQs, Topic-Wise Current Affairs MCQs, and Subject-wise or topics-wise Current Affairs. 

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UPSC Prelims Syllabus  

UPSC Prelims Syllabus: Syllabus of UPSC Civil Services Prelims is only indicative. You will find only a page-long syllabus for both GS and CSAT Papers on the UPSC websiteHowever, its scope is vast. Thus, we have created a Sub-topic list to provide a better idea of the scope and length of the syllabus.  

UPSC Prelims Previous Year’s Questions (PYQs)

Prelims Previous Year’s Question Papers and Official KeyPYQs are important to determine the expectations of UPSCYou will be able to narrow down the focus area of the vast UPSC syllabus. By clicking on this link, you will find out year-wise questions papers and their Official answer key.   

Subject-Wise Prelims Previous Year’s questions: On this Page, we have segregated all questions of UPSC Prelims from 2012 to 2020 on the basis of subjects. 


Strategy and Guidance for Prelims:  
  1. UPSC book list For UPSC Prelims | Latest & Updated  
  2. The Inspiring Story of Minal Karanwal, 3rd, but first fully prepared attempt, after 2 Prelims Failure, #AIR35 
  3. How to clear Civil Services with a TOP Rank and AVOID exhausting attempts 
  4. CSE/IFoS preparation strategy by Abhishek Surana Rank 10 CSE 2017  
Topic Wise Quiz/MCQs Bank for Prelims

In this section, we have segregated our 10 PM and Prelims Marathon Quiz/MCQs, as per the important topics of Prelims Subjects.

PolityBasics of constitution  |  Rights, Duties and Principles  |   Legislature  |  Executive  |  Judiciary and tribunals  |   Various bodies   |   Center-State relations and Emergency provisions  |  States and union territories   |  Local bodies and tribal councils   |  Election and related issues   |   Governance and its legislations, initiatives  |   Miscellaneous 

Economy:  Economy basics   |   National Income   |  Fiscal policy   |   Monetary policy  |   Money and Banking   |  Financial market  |  Five year plans and Economic reforms in India   |  Industries and industrial policies   |  Services  |  Employment    |  Energy   |  Infrastructure  |  International trade   |   Socio-Economic 

Environment:  Environment and ecology   |  Pollution   |  Protected Areas   |  Bio-diversity and conservation   |  Legislations/initiatives   |  Climate changeOrganisations and Conventions

Geography:  Solar system & the earth and basics   |   Natural resources and Resource distribution   |   Economic Geography and Industrial Location factor  |   Climatology   |   Oceanography  |   Geomorphology   |  Bio-Geography   |  Drainage system and other water forms  |   Miscellaneous   |  Map-based questions 

Agriculture:  Major crops, cropping patterns and associated technologies  |    Irrigation methods and technologies   |  farm subsidies and MSP  |  Food processing and related industries in India  |   Agricultural legislations

Ancient and Medieval HistoryPrehistoric India and Indus Valley Civilization  |   Early and later Vedic civilization   |  Buddhism and Jainism and their contributions to Indian culture   |   Janpath’s and Mauryan empire   |   Post Mauryan kingdoms and the early kingdoms in Southern India   |   The Gupta Empire and their successors   |   Kingdoms of Deccan – Pallava and Chola dynasty   |   Early medieval developments in India and Indian culture in South-East Asia   |  Delhi Sultanate   |   Kingdoms of Vijaya Nagar and Bahamani sultanate and other regional kingdoms    |   The Mughal Empire   |  The Bhakti and the Sufi movement and the Marathas  

Art and Culture: Art and Culture(Paintings)   |   Art and Culture(Architecture)   |   Art and Culture(Festivals, dance, and others) 

Modern HistoryIndia in the late eighteenth century   |  The advent of Europeans and the British conquests   |  India under East India company   |   The revolt of 1858 and its aftermath (till 1885)   |   Socio-Religious movements   |   Moderate phase & India and neighborhood policy   |  Extremist phase (including Revolutionary Terrorism)   |  India under Gandhian phase (till 1947)   |  Tribal and Peasants movements & others   |   Post-Independence 

Science and TechnologyPhysics   |  Chemistry   |  Biology and diseases   |   Bio-technology   |   Defence technology   |  IPR, Government policies and initiatives   |  IT, Robotics and Computer related   |   Space technology   |   Miscellaneous   |  Other technological developments 

International Relations and OrganisationsOrganizations, Initiatives, and Campaigns  |  Reports, and Rankings  |  Global agreements and declarations  |  Others   |   Defense exercises 

Government schemes and initiatives: Committees, Indexes, and Surveys  |   Statutory and Non-Statutory Organisations   |  Education   |   Health  |  Miscellaneous (Disaster Management and Security Issues) 

Free Study Material for Prelims  

Static Material (Important Concepts)  

PolityPreamble   |   Fundamental Rights   |  DPSP & Fundamental Duties   |  Federal Structure   |  Union Executive   |   State Executive   |   Legislatures   |  Judiciary   |   Local government   |   Union Territories    |   Constitutional Bodies  |   Extra Constitutional Bodies   |   Important Acts   |   Miscellaneous 

Environment:  Biodiversity Intro   |  Ecosystem   |   All About Wetlands  |   National Parks, Sanctuaries & Reserves    |   Energy Flow and Food Chain 

Economy:  National Income   |   Inflation   |  Taxation   |  WPI/CPI/PPI 

Topics -Wise Current Affairs for Prelims  

Some topics are very important from the point of view of Prelims. Many questions are asked every year from them. A few of those topics, we have listed below:

Important TopicsSpecies in News   |  National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Biosphere reserves   |  Bills/Acts in news   |   Schemes, and Programs in News   |  Important Judgments   |  Reports, and Index in news   |   International Organisations  

Subject-Wise Current Affairs for Prelims 

Polity and Governance 

Introduction to Constitution   |   Legislature  |   Executive  |   Important Judgments   |  Judiciary  |   Constitutional| Non-Constitutional bodies  |   Center-State relations   |  Election related issues   |  


National income  |   Fiscal policy  |  Employment |  Energy   |   Financial market  |  Industries and industrial policies   |  Infrastructure (roads, ports, airports and railways)   |  International trade  |   Land reforms  |  Monetary policyMoney and Banking   |  Other sectors


Biodiversity and Conservation   |  Climate change   |  Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)   |  Environment laws and initiatives in India   |  Organisations and initiatives  |  Pollution in India  |  Protected areas 


Agri storage and distribution  |  Agriculture pricing  |   Agriculture subsidies  |   Allied activities  |  Crops and cropping patterns |  Agri Reforms news 

International Relations 

India and Neighborhood  |  International agreements  |  International organizations   |  International Relations  |  Military exercises  |


Climatology  |  Geomorphology |  Natural resources and Resource Distribution

Security Issues 

Cyber security  |  Legislations   |  Role of social media  |  Security forces |  State, non-state actors and security 

History & Art and Culture 

Festivals and others |  Government initiatives  |  Other history-related updates  |  Painting, and architecture

Science and Technology 

Bio-technology  |  Defence technology |  Government policies and initiatives  |  IPR policies  |  IT and computer   |  Other technological development  |   Space technology

Study Material for UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2021 | Strategy | Current Affairs | MCQs | Static Material | PYQs

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