UPSC Civil Services Result 2019: Candidates from Reserve list recommended

UPSC has released a list of 89 candidates, recommended from the reserve list for the Civil services, 2019.

To download the list, click on the link given below:

Recommended candidates from the reserve list

About Civil Services, 2019 result 

The final result of UPSC civil service exam, 2019 was declared on 4th August 2020. UPSC recommended 829 candidates against 927 vacancies. The issue regarding lesser number of posts was also raised by candidates and others.

UPSC was maintaining a consolidated reserve list, out of which it has recommended 89 candidates, including 73 General, 14 OBC, 01 EWS, and 01 SC, to fill up the remaining posts based on the Civil Services Examination, 2019.

What is the Consolidated Reserve List? 

UPSC maintains a consolidated Reserve List of candidates other than the list of recommended candidates as a second merit list (supplementary list). Both lists together recommends the total number of candidates for a particular year.

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