UPSC/IAS Interview: Common Questions Based on Hobby

Hobby and co-curricular / extra-curricular activities are important aspects of Civil Services Examination Interview Preparation. Here we are sharing with you some IAS Interview hobby preparation questions, which we have taken over the years from the Interview transcripts and from our students.

P.S. Just for the sake of credits, our Interview students have secured Rank 1 in both CSE and IFoS ( wink ) 🙂

  1. Cooking as a hobby
  2. Traveling as a hobby
  3. Cycling as a hobby
  4. Diary writing as a hobby
  5. Watching Animated Movies as a hobby
  6. Reading Books as a hobby
  7. Following latest technology trends as a hobby
  8. Writing/Reading Poetry as a hobby
  9. Debating as a hobby
  10. Dramatics/Theatre as a hobby
  11. Listening to Hindi Classics as a hobby
  12. Meditation as a hobby
  13. Painting, Drawing and Sketching as a hobby
  14. Photography as a hobby
  15. Playing Musical Instruments as a hobby
  16. Public Speaking/Elocution/Speeches/Extemporaneous Speeches as a hobby
  17. Reading novels as a hobby
  18. Singing as a hobby
  19. Watching Movies as a hobby
  20. Yoga as a hobby
  21. Gardening as a hobby
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